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Hafan Pwllheli - Harbour Approaches

From the Fairway Buoy Iso.2s (52° 53.092' N, 04° 22.896' W) steer 294° T for the harbour
entrance, which is marked by Q.G. and Q.R. beacons. The first harbour Tide Gauge is
located on the No3 Starboard mark. The channel is then marked as follows:

FLG 2.5s fixed pile beacon and FLR 2.5s buoy followed by FLG 5s fixed pile beacon and FLR
5s buoy. FLG 7.5s fixed pile beacon and FLR 7.5s buoy followed by FLG 10s fixed pile
beacon and FLR 10s buoy. FLG 12.5s buoy (opposite trot pile moorings) and FLG 15s buoy
(second harbour Tide Gauge). The port side of the channel opposite the marina is then
marked by a FLR 12.5s pile beacon followed by a red pile beacon with no light. The marina
pontoons are marked with 2 FG (vertical) at 52° 53.070'N, 04° 24.390' W and 2 FG (vertical)
at 52° 53.140'N, 04° 24.470' W.

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The approach in pictures

MOD Aberporth Range Danger Area - Cardigan Bay

The MOD Aberporth military test and evaluation Range has a Sea Danger Area which covers a large part of Cardigan Bay, so before setting out on any trip into the bay you are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the danger area – further details can be found on the Qinetiq website

Additonal information

The Harbourmaster
The Harbourmaster's office is incorporated at the Hafan reception.

Weather Forecast Information
A mini weather station is located in our main entrance lobby and the daily Weather2 map and forecast is displayed. This is updated each morning. More information is on our weather page including a live weather feed.

H M Coastguard
The marine rescue centre is situated at Holyhead. Telephone (01407) 762051. They maintain a continuous VHF watch on Channel 16, working Channel 84.

H M Customs
Vessels requiring Customs services should call 0845 723 1110.

  Charts and Pilots

The relevant Admiralty Charts for North Cardigan Bay are North Cardigan Bay 1971, Pwllheli Marina and Approaches 1512, Imray Chart 61. Copies of various pilot books are available, in the reception, for reference purposes. The marina staff will also be happy to answer any questions or put you in touch with someone who has a good local knowledge of the area.

  Chart 1971
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