Better weather on its way!
With the daylight extending and signs of better weather greeting us, the team at the Hafan look forward to seeing you on our waters very soon.

Thanks for your patience as we manage the new process of electronic copies of the contracts being sent to you. A special thanks to team member, Siobhan Hannah, on her massive effort in coordinating this new project.

As you can understand, the need for this has been driven by reducing postal charges and reducing some of our carbon footprint. If you are still sitting on responding to the contract offer, please respond as quickly as possible so that we can allocate your berth to someone on the waiting list, if you’ve decided on leaving us.

The harbour entrance has been dredged by land-based diggers, as has been the case the last few years. We are hoping that the significant work over the last couple of years will see a channel that can be navigated safely into the harbour area. It’s still not without its challenges and we are working tirelessly to ensure an area of safe navigation for you to enjoy your boating experience.

The dredging company that will be targeting the marina basin, will be on site in May for a period, with the silt being removed by cutter-suction into the newly emptied stilling lagoon. The lagoon is being emptied at the end of March. As previously stated, we will be targeting specific critical areas to dredge. We are restricted with the amount of silt we can remove due to the capacity that can be held within the stilling lagoon.

Gas cylinders
You may be aware that Calor Gas has reversed its decision on certain cylinder withdrawals. Calor has announced they will continue the circulation of 3.9kg propane and 4.5kg butane cylinders. We have been in touch with our local supplier, and we now have a small stock of 4.5kg cylinders available on the exchange deal.

Raymarine Roadshow
Hafan Pwllheli are pleased to be welcoming the Raymarine Roadshow on Friday the 12th April from 9am to 3pm.

The Raymarine experts will be on hand to offer technical advice and discuss your new equipment needs. An array of their products will be displayed. For the full range of Raymarine UK products please visit the Raymarine website.

Following discussions with PMBHA, and following the initial period, charges for using the laundry machines will be reduced from April 1st onwards.

Some of the Hafan team and commercial business owners recently attended a 'Security' event held by North Wales Police. Whilst we recognise the challenges facing us all from serial criminals hell bent on spoiling our leisure pursuit by stealing equipment, especially outboards, there are practical steps that we all can make to keep our valuable items from being stolen.

We have been working with our partners to enhance security in our yards. We have recently updated our CCTV policy to make sure it is fit for purpose and enables us to capture appropriate images. 

As boat owners there are practical things that can be done, including appropriate locks on equipment, fitting gps trackers to your items especially outboards, and registering a watermark solution like ‘SmartWater’. This provides a unique DNA mark for applying to equipment. Visit the Smartwater website for further information.   

Another useful tool is to register your equipment on, whether it's your boating equipment or any personal device like mobile phones, cameras, iPad etc.  This free of charge service works closely with a number of Police Forces to recover any stolen items from criminals back to their owners.

And finally...
Pwllheli Sailing Club invites you to their Easter Party on Easter Sunday. It will be held at Plas Heli.