Berths filling fast
We are very pleased to report that our berth holder numbers are growing. We only have a few annual berths remaining. Berthing for visitors is also very limited because we have just about reached full capacity. Unfortunately this does mean that we are unable to take advanced bookings for visiting boats. Generally we are only seeing two to three vacant berths becoming available daily, so these need to be booked on the day. We expect this trend to continue into August and possibly September.

Bridge ramp refurbished
Some of you will have noticed our bright yellow handiwork on the ramp at the bottom of the bridge. This area has been refurbished with all new non-slip material to help keep the area safe, especially when wet.  

Appeal to dog owners
Please do not leave your pet dog in the car when visiting the marina, even if it is only for a short time. In the recent hot weather we had to respond to a number of concerns raised by other berth holders who had noticed dogs left in parked vehicles. Dog owners should also make sure their pets are kept on a lead at all times when navigating the pontoons.

Respect resident berths
We have noticed recently that a number of small power boats are being left on resident berths in the evenings while the berth holders are out at sea. This causes problems and it is extremely irritating for people returning to their berth after a day on the water. If another boat is moored in your berth please tell us as soon as possible so we can take steps to move it.

Gas shortage
There appears to be a country wide shortage of Calor gas, especially the 4.5kg bottles. We will keep calling our supplier to check on availability but please be patient. We hope supplies will be back to normal as soon as possible.

RNLI training
Training is coming along well on Pwllheli's new Shannon lifeboat and SLARS machine (Shannon launch and recovery system). Mechanics, crew, shore crew, head launchers and tractor drivers have all passed the necessary tests. Andy Green, Hafan's Senior Haven Master, was first to be passed out as a Coxswain on the boat. Training for the next two coxswains and further crew is now underway.